Progress on my railway — April 9th 2014

Work has started!

The weather has been nice recently, and I’ve been able to get out and make some progress at long last. In this photo you can see the beginning of the curve in the corner of the garden.

The beginnings of the blockwork

Breeze blocks are laid on a bed of concrete in a trench, then tamped down with the handle of a big hammer to the correct height, ensuring each block is level in all directions, and also level with the marking pegs and earlier blocks.

The intention is to bring the railway away from the fence a bit, so I can grow some taller plants behind. You can see this in the right-hand side of the photo where I have laid things out with bricks and started digging the next bit of trench. Providing a bigger planting space should help to disguise the fence.

Works inspection team (AKA the neighbour’s cat), ensuring the trench is correct

I decided on a minimum radius of 4 ft 6 in. The large block has a hole, marking the centre of the circle.

The blocks will eventually have soil banked up on both sides, which will be planted, so the railway will appear to be at “ground level”.

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