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Andy's Garden Railway Guide

Did you ever dream of having a railway in your garden? Maybe to have a bit more space for the model railway, to see a train winding its way throught the flower borders, or to run a real steam locomotive and see wisps of smoke as the train goes round the edge of the lawn? Well, you can build one! It's not that hard, and the aim of this website is to show you how it can be done.

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The railway I'm building is roughly 1:19 scale. It's a "narrow gauge" railway. That is to say, it models a real railway where the tracks are 2 feet (60cm) apart. The scale is called "16mm/ft". In this scale model person is about as tall as your index finger.

A large part of this site is information about modelling in 16mm/ft scale; a section called the 16mm Guide, which has been going since 2001.

If you're unsure what 'scale' and 'gauge' mean, read this first.

You can find more about the construction of my own railway about a model locomotive made of Lego, as well as other topics which interest me.

This video shows one of my trains in action.

Who is this guy?
I'm Andy Watkins. My hobby involves trains, which is what this website is all about. My main interests are Narrow Gauge steam railways, and I'm building a railway in my garden where I can run live steam locos.