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Andy's Garden Railway Guide

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You are in the 16mm section of Andy's Garden Railway Guide. If you've arrived here from someone else's site, or from a search engine, please visit the home page.

This section is a collection of useful information about building and running a Garden Railway (in 16mm/ft, but may be useful in other scales). A lot of the information originates from my own experiences of building a garden railway, and from the (now defunct) 16mmngm mailing list opens in new window, collected in 2001-2010

Building and running a garden railway is a lot of fun. It encompasses the creativity of modelmaking, as well as the creativity of gardening. For the railway enthusiast, it provides an opportunity to run real steam locomotives, and "run a railway" in a way that doesn't seem to come so easily in smaller scales indoors.

Contributions are welcome. Email me using the Contact form if you have an article you would like to add.

New Articles

Locomotive water
A discussion about water for your steam locomotive

Building a first Steam Loco
Andrew S asks questions about building a steam locomotive.

Cheap Points
Suggestions from the mailing list for obtaining points at budget prices.

Unusual Locos
A collection of unusual and Whymsical locos on 32mm gauge.

Radio Interference
My attempts to solve radio interference on my Roundhouse Tender loco.

Facts and Figures

Civil Engineering

Rolling Stock

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