Progress on my railway — 17th May 2015

More good weather has meant more progress on the railway, which is excellent news.

Actually, to tell the truth, there’s another garden project which should be commanding my attention, but it was such a sunny day that I had to retreat to a more shady part of the garden — what an excuse to get on with building the railway line eh?

I have laid a bit more track, and put down some ballast. The ballast is actually horticultural grit, which is just about the right size. Here’s a photo of a newly ballasted section.

My garden railway with newly laid ballast (horticultural grit)

The photo above is taken in the spot on the left hand side of the photo in my previous update. You will see that the grit extends beyond the edges of the timber base and among the plants, It’s also interesting to see how much the little thyme plant (in the foreground above) has grown in 2 weeks.

I have not (yet) followed my friend’s advice to glue the ballast down. I wanted to see how badly it would move in the rain. Early in the week, it hailed (yes! in May!) and the ballast has stayed roughly in the same place, which I am very pleased about.

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