Lego Brackets

I got a new LEGO set recently.

I love discovering new pieces. I go all “Ooh, I’ve never seen one of those before”. Brackets are particularly interesting because they give you options for building things “sideways”

In this set, there are some lovely new right-angle pieces – a 2×2 L bracket, a 2×1 L bracket and a 2×2 T bracket. The 2×2 brick in the photo below I’ve seen before in 1×1 and 4×1 form.

I’m particularly interested in the 2×2 L bracket as the short side is the other way round from the ones I’ve seen before.

The ones I’ve seen before have the studs on the 2×1 side facing outwards –

The new ones have the studs on the 2×1 side facing inwards –

I’m having a go at building the marble run components invented by JK-Brickworks (see and Below, you can see two bridge pieces on the left and tower piece on the right. The bridge pieces use 2×2 L brackets with studs out on the 2×1 side

If I use the brackets I found in my new set, I can get the bridge pieces a lot closer to the tower. This might help the marbles flow more easily

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