A 3D printer diary – the first print

After clearing some existing filament from the print head and adhering the build tape to the perspex build platform, I levelled the bed using a train ticket (which is approximately 0.3 mm thick according to my Vernier Gauge) instead of the (missing) levelling card (which is 0.3mm thick according to the instructions).

I couldn’t get my old laptop to connect to the printer. However, there are a few test models in the printer itself, including a die (singular of dice). It took about 21 minutes to print. Laptop for scale.

First Print on Dremel 3D20

Because the spool holder was also missing, I cheated a bit, and used a small spool-less length of PLA, sticking out the side of the machine.

Filament out the side

A successful first attempt.

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