Mixing hobbies – Lego train on 16mm Garden Railway (part 2)

In my last post, I berated the fact that a inside-frame chassis on 16mm track wasn’t possible in Lego. The gauntlet was picked up by my friends in the adult Lego fan community, and a potential solution looks like this:

Top: Outside Frame bogie in Lego on 16mm track
Middle: Inside Frame bogie in Lego on 16mm track
Bottom: Lego track

This solution uses a piece called a “Minifig bracket” – the thin L-shaped piece has a hole on one plate and a stud on the other. In the right orientation, they can be used to hold the side frames rigidly to the middle bit. a 1×1 brick with Technic Hole (in the middle) supports an axle, which has a stop at one end that is a friction-fit in the hole.

Deconstruction of 16mm inside-frame bogie out of LEGO parts.

The deconstructed view shows the brackets in more detail.

This exact build has another problem: the axles rub against the tan-coloured end bricks. The easy solution would be to make the side frames 10-studs long instead of 8. There might be another solution … so watch this space.

Justin – February 2019

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