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I'm interested in engineering, from the amazing feats of some of our famous 19th Century engineers, to the latest stuff in transport and space exploration.

On my Insane Engineering page, I keep track of some of the more recent things I've come across.


Occasional articles related to Web Design and Web Development can be found here.

A friend wanted to know how to change the song name on a music track (in Windows 7). This step-by-step article shows you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

A website isn't complete without an FAQ, a list of the questions which the author of the website hopes to get asked one day.

Here is mine, with some real and some imagined questions, along with their answers.


Firstly, thanks to everyone in the 16mm association, and on the 16mm e-group for their invaluable help and advice, and to Richard F. (you know who you are) for getting me into this hobby in the first place.

Thanks to Peter Velichkov (www.creonfx.com) for some of the Javascript on this site.

A special thanks for Hege, Ståle, and Jan Egil Refsnes (www.w3schools.com)

The Video player on the home page is the JW Media Player from Jeroen Wijering

And thanks to my family for letting me play trains.


A selection of comments received.

David T. wrote that he'd
... discovered your excellent site and ...

Iain K.wrote:
Hi Andy, I like your site. Especially all the whimsical locos. I am quite a fan of Emett and some of Graham Stowell's locos look very familiar...

Nigel A. wrote:
I found your website very interesting and also very helpful - thanks

David Philip wrote:
Great site mate...