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Software Design Patterns

The most commonly used design patterns

  • Bug Ball Of Mud
  • Spaghetti
  • MVC

Thanks to Stack exchange for a light-hearted introduction.

I'm working on a review of the usefulness of Design Patterns in Python.

Using Audacity to record audio

Instructions on setting up "Audacity" to record yourself singing to a backing track (for choir audition purposes)

See the full article here

Text effects (CSS)

Engraved Text Demo 1

Walter Segal houses

I heard about Walter Segal on the telly. He was an architect who developed a system of self-build housing; the "Segal self-build method"

Here are a load of links I found — essay on self-building and the Segal method describes it as follows

  • no wet trades (bricklaying, plastering)
  • simple padstone foundations
  • traditional timber frame methods
  • all you need to do is to be able to cut a straight line with a saw and drill a straight hole

  • clearly shows the 600x600 padstones, with brackets
  • 3m between pad stones.
  • floor beams 225mm (8 inches) deep and 235mm off the floor
  • this page basically this tells you how to make a house !!



Posted on May 24, 2013 by Andy

I came across a number of links today…

Bruce Schneier on internet security and the Internet of Things

Kate Craig-Wood on Cloud security

I’m fed up of having my personal data used by companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. I’m also fed up with the way Facebook in particular are trying to do “an AOL” and partition the ‘Web. I’ve been asking myself why I actually use those services anyway? What on earth led me to entrust my thought stream to these faceless entities? Was I insane?
(from here)

Twitter sells all your data, including geo-location

Those who have a Twitter account or a Facebook account ought to keep in mind that they are NOT customers – they are merchandise