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Flickering Candle Kit

Written by Andy Watkins, 2001-2015. Note (2023): Richard's RSLR website is no longer available

From Richard Stone (www.trossachs.freeserve.co.uk/rslr.htm)

Thought you might like to know about the way I have used the Maplin flickering candle kit (LT40). I've got it installed in a guards van, substituting the 6v bulbs for 12v ones to make them a little dimmer. I purchased some cast brass lamps from Talisman and drilled through the back of them, similar holes were drilled into the front and back of the guards van, then the lamps were epoxied on. The flicker looks quite good to me. I'll put some pictures onto my website when the van is complete.

The kits comprise a PCB, the components, which include three "chips" and clear instructions for construction. The instructions also explain in detail how the circuit works, which was well beyond me, but I can drive a car and goodness knows how the ignition system works on that!

These kits are now excluded from the main catalogue but you can order them online if you use the code search facility at www.maplin.co.uk, they cost just over 4 pounds each before VAT and P&P.